The Thai Bee Gees

Music is a passion of mine and has been for many years. Alas it is only as a listener of quality songs over the decades as I never learned to play an instrument, and if I had my life over again, I would certainly pick up a guitar, drum sticks or keyboard and try and learn an instrument.


For the moment, it will have to be the triangle, spoons or tambourine but there isn’t much demand for these skills.

However, what I lack in musical talent, I like to think I make up for with my trusty Nikon D750 and associated lenses and flash.


Last night, I was accompanied by my hardware and a few friends and went to take in a gig featuring Bangkok band “The Thai Bee Gees”.

Now before I continue – there are numerous bands in Pattaya, who are Thai and musically they are extremely talented but when it comes to vocals, they struggling with English interpretations, especially when the letter “R” is used. Now I do not mean to be condescending or demeaning to anyone, for I know how difficult it is to learn to speak Thai but my point is, that the Thai bands are often let down when they commence singing.

It is for this reason, that many of the better bands feature Filipino or Indonesian singers to front them.


This was not the case with the Thai Bee Gees, for this lot are top drawer. In fact, I would put them on a par with another amazing act and a great favourite of mine, Sweden’s “Jerry Lee Carlson”, who of course has played in Pattaya a few times and been the subject of my photography and blog on more than one occasion.


Jerry is more flamboyant than the Thai Bee Gees. He has a huge stage presence and works his audience well as he sings the hits of Jerry Lee Lewis and other rock ‘n’ roll legends from days gone by.

The Bee Gees routine is 100% based on the vocals of the act they play tribute too. There are no gimmicks, no dancing, no fancy clothing or stage antics. They rely on the fact they sound like the Bee Gees to sell themselves and they do it very well indeed.


They covered every Bee Gees song I could think of. In fact I got my iPhone out at one point and perused the trios hits over the decades, to see if they had missed any classics.

They had not!

The audience were given three sessions over a three hour period. They sang the early songs such as “I Started A Joke” which is one of my all time favourites. They did “Massachusetts”, “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”, “Grease” and “I’ve Got To Get A Message To you”.


The hits continued one after the other as the audience enjoyed the show from this talented group.

But it was the disco hits of the 1970s that really proved how good their harmonies were. “How Deep Is Your Love”, “More Than A Woman”, “Night Fever”, and “Staying Alive” had the Triangle Bar jumping.


The floated back and forward to hits like “Run To Me”, “Words”, “You Win Again”, “You Should Be Dancing” and “To Love Somebody”.

For me, and for many others, the best came when the did a tremendous version of “Jive Talking” and followed that up superbly with “Tragedy”.


Now there are many tribute acts around the world and I have seen a few but you will be hard pushed to find a show, which nails 80% of the songs covered, the way they did. I say 80% because like any other gig, there is always a song or two that you don’t know or possibly didn’t like. In this instance, there was maybe two I couldn’t claim to know.

Their third session was a variety of songs, showing how diverse they are. The covered the Eagles with “New Kid In Town and Hotel California” which of course most rock cover bands will do.


Then they opened up with an excellent version of “Smooth” which was a hit for Santana of course. They sang three or maybe four catchy Thai songs, which had all the Thai ladies up dancing.

At my request, they finish with a couple of the disco hits as the guys happily repeated two of the earlier songs.


Now, the group did use backing tracks. At the end of the day, there are only three of them and one only played the tambourine. The hits of the Bee Gees, frequently had orchestral backing, so they have little choice but use backing tracks.

I have no problem with this because their vocals and harmonies were simply sublime. One guy played keyboard and the other a guitar.

But I can assure you, they are not a karaoke band. The lads are extremely talented and entertaining.


Steve Archer of the Triangle Bar is renowned for attracting some of the best acts to the venue. With Jerry Lee Carlson, The Bangkok Beatles and of course his regular nightly rock bands, the Triangle is one of the hot spots for music in Pattaya. The Thai Bee Gees graced the stage and hopefully will be back in Pattaya very soon.

Most local acts would kill to play at the Triangle for they always have a large audience. Yes there are numerous venues that supply a wonderful assortment of musical extravaganza; something for everyone you could say but there are few that come close to this venue.


For those who like the Bee Gees and have not seen this tribute to the Brothers Gibb, I strongly suggest you do so. You will not be disappointed.




Helmut & Friends At Hemmingways

I have visited Hemmingways a few times for food but I have never ventured into the bar/restaurant on a Thursday. This is when they have their live music nights, which features a band known as Helmut and Friends.


Manager Mark, had previously invited me to come along on a Thursday evening but time had always been an issue for me. However, when assisting with a promotional project for a good friend, who just happened to want to see the group, it was a sealed deal.


But there was something else to factor into the equation.

Pranom’s mother was visiting from Roi Et and I wanted to take her to a pleasant eating establishment, where I knew the food would be of an exceptional standard and the surroundings would match the quality of the cuisine.

So with these two details taken into consideration, it had to be Hemmingways.


As always we were greeted by one of their friendly staff as we entered the bar. A smile and a warm welcome are not unusual in Thailand but the employees here are top drawer.

The band had set up but were 30 minutes away from commencing their show. So we took the opportunity to order our food and a drink.


I have to confess that the staff at Hemmingways are exceptional, as mentioned above.

They look after you from the minute you walk in the door. They all speak very good English, which is a huge bonus, even though I was with two Thai ladies.


The food as always was tasty and well presented with large portions. The ladies enjoyed a Thai offering from the extensive menu and I went for a burger that was put together following  my instructions.

I was armed with my camera, for I had agreed with the bar that I would take a few images for the venue and the band.


Having never heard Helmut and Friends play previously, I was keen to perceive what they had to offer. I had listened to mixed reviews but 90% of the people I spoke to, rated them very highly.

They would not disappoint.


I had a twenty minute chat with Helmut before they commenced playing and discovered that they often performed as a five-piece outfit, fronted by Filipino singer Jovy Del Rosario, who by all accounts is a fantastic vocalist.

Alas, on Thursday, there were playing as a four-piece band and one wondered if it was going to be a second rate show. But they were far from that!


They began with a number of slow songs, mainly, I would imagine, because people were still enjoying Hemmingways’ cuisine. Songs such as “My Girl” provided light entertainment, whilst the diners enjoyed their food.

The band sprung to life during their second set of the evening with an absolutely brilliant version of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper”, done in their own impeccable style. The vocals on the song from Jayson Camilo were astonishing.


They continued with well known hits such as “Africa” and “Down Under” and even had the audacity to cover Mungo Jerry’s “In The Summer Time”, which again was flawless.

During many of their songs, the band can be observed sharing jokes and generally having a great time, which often had the audience laughing along with them.


Helmut is a huge Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits fan and let us see just how good a guitarist he is with a variety of amazing solos.

Anyone who can replicate, Knopfler on “Sultans of Swing” has to be a genius on a guitar and the song suited his vocals to a T, to quote an old idiom.


This was jaw dropping stuff from Helmut and appreciated by those in the bar.

Then to show us their true versatility, they sang an uptempo version of Dean Martin’s “Volare” and and worked a treat. Vocals being from Jayson once more.


In their third set they did many rock ‘n’ roll songs from the likes of Chuck Berry before displaying their versatility with Stevie Wonder classics and “Get Down On It” from the disco era. The bass playing on the Kool and the Gang hit from Jeckson Echavez was exceptional.

Drummer Marvin Javier, provided the beat and held the band together as they played hit after hit, from almost every genre of music you can imagine. The keyboard skills from Jayson and lead guitar solos from Helmut, truly are world class.


Add into the equation, the amount of fun the band have as they play for you, and you really do have a fantastic ensemble for parties, night clubs or any other event you care to name.

Hemmingways have secured Helmut and Friends every Thursday from 20:00 and I would highly recommend, popping along to see them play. The venue is a high class establishment, spacious, air conditioned, free Wi-Fi and offers a huge selection of draught beers, wines and spirits.


And in between the group’s sets, you can enjoy watching sport on one of their many televisions, strategically placed around the venue. They even have a beer garden, should you care to sit outside.

I would like to give a mention to the staff who work at Hemmingways. Rarely will you meet a nicer group of people, who treat their customers with the utmost respect.

From the minute you enter the premises, to the moment you leave, the crew at Hemmingways ensure you want for nothing.


If you haven’t been there – it is well worth making the effort, whether it is for live music, excellent food or to view a sporting event on TV, Hemmingways is deserved of a visit.

Helmut and Friends were: Helmut Schachtner on vocals and guitar from Germany, Jayson Camilo, keyboard and vocals, Marvin Javier on Drums, Jeckson Echavez on bass,  all from the Philippines.

Missing was Jovy Del Roasario, whom I will make a point of going to see very soon. When someone tells you that “she will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up”, you have to take notice.


By the way, the Hemmingways staff are a fun loving bunch too, happy to get involved with the photography.

Thanks to the band and to the management and staff. See you all soon I hope.





The Sex Pissed Dolls

It was midway through 2014 that I first came across an all girl punk rock band called The Sex Pissed Dolls via a video on YouTube that featured the girls singing their version of “My Way”.

The Sex Pissed Dolls

Immediately I contacted them asking where I could see them play and if I could possibly take images at the gig. To my surprise they said “yes” once I submitted some of my work to the management. So I was Edinburgh bound, only to be disappointed when the gig was cancelled.

Fortunately the Dolls asked me to go to the Layton Institute in Blackpool to cover their sell out show, that would project them into the world of fame and attention they now enjoy.

I also requested that I take the girls into Studio 301 in Preston for a few hours in front of the camera – a few hours well spent I hasten to add; both for me and the band alike.

The girls have gone on to enjoy huge success and are followed by a massive fan base across the country with many of my images used as promotional pictures on posters, billboards and social media sites for venues such as the O2 in many cities.

To say I am proud to be associated with these girls would be an understatement. I also take into account the many support acts that I photographed, a few of which are surely going to make the big time. Death to Indie, The Atmospherics and Esperanza to name a few.

Everyone has their own favourite Doll but I find it impossible to select one girl that I would say was my treasured Doll, for they are all special in their own enigmatic way.

Kitty Vacant

For instance Kitty Vacant, one of the two guitarists; to say she is gorgeous would be too simplistic in my description of her and would not do the girl justice. Kitty is beauty personified and of course the newest member of the band. The baby of the group, she provides not just eye candy but a fuller sound that the group had not previously enjoyed.

Jilly Idol
Next up is Jilly Idol. A mother, wife, homemaker and a bass player with an awesome stage presences. She seems to strut around the stage like she hasn’t a care in the world. Now I won’t reveal what age Jilly is but I can assure you – you would call me a liar! 

I – like many other Dolls’ fans believe that she has the best legs in the business. Who would argue with that eh?

Jilly was the first Doll I met and is so unbelievably friendly towards the fans after gigs. Watch out for those legs in images later from the gigs. Her husband Nige is a very lucky man indeed 😉

Connie Rotter

Connie Rotter. What can I say? My first impression when I saw her in Blackpool was that she was too shy to be lead guitarist of a punk band but this girl has come on leaps and bounds and now many eyes are on her when she is rocking it up.

Her iconic black leather trousers are renowned around the UK circuit and she is often photographed with her long blonde hair swishing from side to side.

Additionally she is a young beautiful and talented guitarist, so it is not hard to see why she is many people’s favourite Doll.

Anna Key

The engine room that is known as Anna Key. This delightful creature is one hell of a drummer and is very photogenic to boot. A tireless performer who if often missed by the fans because like most drummers, she is situated at the back out of the way. However, I always make a point of capturing Anna by obtaining permission to get on stage and get some close ups of the banging superstar of percussion.

Oh and she plays in her SOCKS 🙂

Nancy Doll

Finally the Freddie Mercury of the band. The incredible entertainer that is Nancy Doll. Every band needs a leader, someone who can entertain and capture the attention of the audience. If there is a better woman in this field of expertise, I have yet to see her.

There are no gimmicks to promote her stage presence. Nancy is an artist that gets up close and personal to the crowd and invokes a response in any way she possibly can. Armed with stunning looks, a powerful voice and movements that leave the audience begging for more – she is a true Doll.

The above is perfectly true concerning all of the Dolls but I would still hesitate to pick my favourite, for they are all great entertainers in their own right but as a group, there are few that can put on a show like the Sex Pissed Dolls can.

If you haven’t seen them – get out there and find a gig now.