Ya Ya

I wandered into a bar to in Soi Lenkee on Saturday evening following the St. Patrick’s Day parade.


I was chatting away to the owner, when she presented me with the opportunity to photograph one of the workforce and of course I just happened to have my trusted Nikon 750 with me, although the lens I was carrying, would not have been my first choice.


Now I don’t need to be asked twice to photograph ladies.

I have enjoyed working with scores of models over the last ten years or so and I was not about to refuse an opportunity to photograph Ya Ya.


Ya Ya is not your typical looking female it has to be said. With her short hair, tattoos and red dye over the top of her head, she stands out from the crowd. Her large eyes pull you in towards her as you shoot.


Add to this the dark, almost black lipstick she wears, natural beauty and you have the making of a good model, even if it was only in a bar in Soi Lenkee, Pattaya.


Ya Ya was a natural. She didn’t require much guidance from me although she was happy to take advice or pose as directed when called upon.

Even when asked to pose naturally as if I wasn’t there, she managed to pull the stances off perfectly. Many models simply cannot do this, which is odd in itself.


She displayed no signs of nerves during what was only meant to be a couple of fun shots. However, I managed to take over fifty images of her in the space of fifteen minutes.DSC_8217

When I got home, I was amazed at how things had panned out and would love to see how she faired in a studio. Maybe one day soon!

I am still searching for a studio that I can hire in Pattaya but so far, it has been fruitless. Maybe with a bit of financial investment, and a business partner, I could possible set up own my own. And maybe – just maybe, Ya Ya could be the first to don the studio lights.



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