Rock ‘n’ Roll Steph Recordings

A good friend of mine from Scotland but currently living in Pattaya, Thailand, recently went into the recording studio to produce a new tune for her many fans.


Stephanie Quinn has been rocking around Thailand and beyond for a number of years and has in fact numerous recordings to her credit.

Steph is also a trained nurse and school teacher so has many strings to her bow.


I photographed her at a bar in Pattaya a few months back and I am delighted to say that Steph was pretty happy with the results.

We met up recently at the Crew Bar and Cloud9 Bar in Pattaya’s Soi Buakhao area for a chat. When she informed me of her new venture into the studio, I thought I would offer her some publicity.


Stephanie recently appeared on Sky TV (UK) and can often be heard on Rockabilly Radio, which is a popular Internet radio station for Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rockabilly fans, which runs 24 hours per day.

Want to hear Steph’s latest recording Red Alert? Simply click here to listen to her latest release.


Red Alert was written by Steve and Heather Taylor and recorded at Oceanwave Studios in Thailand. It will be available from Amazon, Spotify, Itunes and Nimbit.

Watch Steph on the Janey Kirk TV Show (SKY TV). Click to view.

Steph is a huge fan of 1980s star Shakin’ Stevens and covers many of his and other rock ‘n’ roll legends music. Listen to her tribute to Shaky. Click here.

If you wish to hire Rock ‘n’ Roll Stephanie you can contact her via her Facebook Page here.

If you love rock ‘n’ roll music and want to keep it alive, please share this post.

Keep Music Live.

PS: The beers are on you Steph đŸ™‚











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