Jenny, Jenny, Jenny

How many looks can one girl provide in a two hour shoot on a freezing cold evening, with minimal heating in the studio, which is basically a converted garage? Well you are about to discover that one girl can do a multitude of looks with the greatest of ease.


Meet Jenny Clewlow from Inverness, Scotland.

Jenny is a professional model with a number of years experience and was in fact, one of the first models I ever worked with at EMP Studio in Glasgow.


Back then I was a nervous, inept student of photography but I got through the shoot(s) with assistance from the studio owner and the models themselves.

Moving on a few years, I found myself heading to Inverness for separate shoot with two new models and recalled that Jenny lived in the area. A quick message to her and I had a second shoot that weekend with this beautiful woman.


She had only a few days to prepare so I gave her complete jurisdiction over what she wore, her hair and make up etc and asked only one thing of her. We will come to that later.


As stated, it was ridiculously cold and the large empty building simply refused to react the two portable heaters that were in use. My Model was visibly shivering during and between shots, so much so, that at one time I considered calling the shoot off but credit to her, she remained professional till the last click of the camera.


She did not disappoint with her range of fashion that she produced from her suitcase either. So many options for me to select from and there were a few that did not see the studio lights.


Lighthouse studio also had a number of props that we utilised, to jazz up some of the poses or to add a little fun into what was a tough night for Jenny.


I was wearing a padded winters jacket and jeans but poor Jenny at one point was in her underwear, yet at no point did she complain or moan about the freezing temperature.

I mentioned above that I made one request from her. Just the one but at the time I had no inclination as to how cold it would be on the evening of the shoot.


My request was based on a statement I often made. I believed that a truly competent model could wear anything and pull it off. I said that Jenny could don a bin liner and still make it look attractive.


She laughed but accepted the challenge. Not only did she agree to my request but she actually made a dress from a bin liner and added a belt from her wardrobe to hold it together.


You can see her fantastic efforts at providing a fashionable outfit from a garbage bag above.

If I recall, it was minus five that evening in Inverness and this lassie came out with a skimpy black bin liner dress and nothing else but that belt and some adornments on her wrists and neck.


One has to acknowledge her professionalism, attitude and determination to please the photographer, in this instance, me.

Five or six costume changes and ultimately proving my point that a good model can wear anything!

Finally. I think everyone would agree that Jenny Clewlow is a stunning model with a beautiful face. But check the last image out. The hair hanging over her face, the high length boots and legs to die for.

Many thanks Jenny and I hope I will have the pleasure of working with you again one day. Come to Pattaya 🙂


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