Looking For Photographic Work

I love photography. I am motivated by working with people. It would be fair to say that when I am armed with my weapon of choice, my Nikon D750, that I am very much a people person.

I came to Thailand in the hope of making a new life, finding work and that elusive item called happiness. Indeed I have a new life. I also have discovered happiness but working in Thailand is a huge “No No” unless I start my own company, which would require some financial assistance. I would of course be agreeable to any ideas that involve commercial backing in order that I can ply my trade here in Thailand.

A work permit here is almost impossible to obtain, so I have decided to spread my wings and try neighbouring countries for employment, with the hope of using Thailand as my base.

I have desires on Cambodia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Malaysia, Tibet, Nepal to name a few places that would interest me. However I am not 100% certain that these countries will be any easier than Thailand as far as work is concerned. They will however allow me to observe and enjoy other cultures and attractions.

So I have created an advert and placed it on Facebook, covering the majority of Asia. It cost me £16 if it is utilised successfully and at first glance, the advert is working a treat. Whether it will bring in any remuneration for my outlay remains to be seen.

I prefer working with people at events such as concerts, parties, weddings, sports and studio but to be honest, I will attempt anything, if there is a financial reward at the end of it.

One can live and hope, for I truly do not wish to depart Thailand, other than to work and return between jobs.

If you know of any vacancies or job opportunities please feel free to contact me by Clicking here and using the Message option.

Many thanks


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