Rock ‘n’ Roll Stephanie

A few months ago, a friend back home in Scotland, introduced me to a Scottish lass, who now resides in Thailand and does a bit of singing around the bars of Pattaya.


The introduction was via Facebook and we happily accepted friends requests. That was a couple of months back and I have monitored her visits to Pattaya via the social media app ever since.


Why you may ask?

Well I love rock n roll and rockabilly music, so anyone playing or singing golden oldies, immediately has my attention.

Steph Quinn goes by the name of Rock ‘n’ Stephanie and fair likes to belt out a tune as we say in Scotland. She is originally from Falkirk but lived in Edinburgh for many years, has been in Thailand from some time, living almost 500 miles from Pattaya but is a frequent visitor to the city.


I noticed she was in town and I suggested that I would come along and meet her at a bar near Soi Buakhao, providing she was going to be singing of course. I was assured she was. She enquired if I would bring my camera? I did not have to be asked twice.


So we met at the Crew Bar, which is a small compact drinking house, surrounded by a market place, numerous other bars, eating venues and much more.

Due to poor lighting, I considered leaving the camera in my bag but I decided to give it a bash. The worst that could happen after all is the images would be dark or unusable, and of course digital images cost only your time.


So was she any good? Well I was dubious when I first met her. She is a down to earth lady from Scotland, who doesn’t look any different from the many other tourists of Thailand.

Only her attire set her apart from the crowd, dressed casually in jeans and a denim jacket, for not many people dress in jeans here. It is simply too warm.


I considered my options if she turned out to be abysmal but again, my curiosity got the better of me and I hung around to listen to her vocal chords belting out some tunes.

I was pleasantly surprised when she began to sing. The female Shakin’ Stevens rocked the joint with four songs as I clicked away with the camera.


She produced the hits of Elvis, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Shaky, all in her own unique style.

Steph was full of confidence as she danced between verses. Her voice was note perfect, never offkey, despite the movement or her Elvis style gyrating.

It is clear to see she is a huge fan of Shakin’ Stevens for his influence is prominent throughout her appearance. From dress sense to singing style and movement, Shaky can be detected from start to finish. And why not? He after all, is the UK’s best selling singles artist of the 1980s, recording 33 chart hits.

Those who were in attendance appeared to be having a ball. Both the young and the old were seen dancing and rocking the night away. Feet were tapping, the majority singing along to the selection of old rock ‘n’ roll songs that Steph produced.

Would I go back to see her? Absolutely. She is a fantastic lady, who can entertain an audience.

Nom and I also had the pleasure of Steph and her friend Gem’s company at another bar for an hour or two after we departed the Crew Bar. A great night out in Pattaya once more.


So if you get the opportunity whilst visiting or living in Thailand, go and see Rock ‘n’ Roll Stephanie. She is often around The Crew Bar, Lock and Load and The Piss Stop bars.

Or maybe Rompho could give her a slot 🙂



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