A Night At Cloud9 Bar

A good friend of mine requested that I should come along to Cloud9 Bar on Wednesday 28th of December to say farewell to a long standing member of staff. I happily agreed and suggested I could capture the moment for ning on camera.


Ning is a comical girl who always has a smile on her face and will often be seen laughing and joking with the customers. So it was a no brainer when I was invited along.


The bar itself sits on Soi 15 off Soi Buakhao, one of the most popular streets in Pattaya. It is a modern bar, which has had a fair bit of money spent on it before it opened for business about six months ago.


There is an excellent pool table, which caters not only for guests of the bar but for the pool team too, which plays in the local league competitions.

Large screen TVs dominate the walls, showing a mixture of football or other sports and music videos, which are diverse, catering for most tastes.


The staff are friendly, offer a fast and reliable service and more importantly, do not hassle the customer in anyway.

For the party, the bar laid on free food, which was a mixture of Thai and western cuisine and was very palatable.


There was also a surprise Birthday for Ning’s boyfriend, which added to the evening’s entertainment.


The alcohol in Cloud9 is incredibly cheap, possibly the cheapest in town. I am told other bars in the area match their prices but I have yet to find another one that keeps the prices as low as Cloud9.


My lady and I had a grand time, meeting new people from around the globe. There were many hilarious moments, mainly from two Australian chaps, who were comedians in their own right.

And of course, there was ample opportunities for photographic purposes, which is my passion. Many of you will be aware if you follow my Blog, Facebook Page or Flickr.


If you are in Soi Buakhao, give the bar a visit. Your wallet will thank you for it later 🙂

A final note to a special lady – Ning, I hope you enjoy your early retirement. You will be missed by all at Cloud9.


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