The Dreaded Mosquito

Firstly this is not what my page is about but occasionally there are items of interest that I believe are worth sharing.

from week one in Thailand, I have been persecuted and tortured by an unseen demon, commonly known as the mosquito, although I have many names I could call them, which would involve some obscenities.


They are a relentless. My legs and and arms were covered in bites, scabs and would often be seen to be bleeding from the wounds left by these nightmarish creatures. At one point, I had over 25 marks of some description on my limbs and it was all down to this one bug.

They never appeared to attack Thai people for some reason or they have become immune to their presence. I have witnessed Nom, my lady from Thailand, with two mosquito bites in five months. I could obtain two bites in five minutes! She does not suffer from the hideous marks they leave behind, which are exacerbated by the scratching that often follows the bites and healing process.

I tried everything. Sprays recommended by the pharmacies, some were cheap at £1, others were ridiculously overpriced at up to £8 but I tried. I used them all to no avail.

I was told to use Vicks Vapor Rub as this was a certain preventative or Tiger Balm another that came highly recommended by farangs who had suffered but nothing worked.

Then Nom purchased a lotion/balm, which was supposed to ease muscle pain in my back that I was suffering at the time. She would massage the area and this cream would release heat into my skin and muscle. It had an odour similar to Winter Green, which we used when I played football as a youngster, on cold wintry days, to keep the muscles warm and supple.

The balm sat on a shelf for months doing nothing. Then I noticed Nom using it to aid her breathing, similar to how you might use an inhaler to relieve a stuffy nose.

The smell hit and sort of remained in my memory for a few days.

Then as the scabs and blotches began to itch like crazy I suddenly thought of the smelly cream that had eased my back pain – Zingiber Cassumunar Balm.


I applied it on my legs and headed out for a meal. After a few hours I returned home to discover that the only new bite I had was to be found on my elbow. Not only were my legs free from fresh bites but the existing ones, were less itchy than before.

I wondered if this was really the balm or just coincidence so I persevered for a few days and amazingly in the two weeks I have used the balm, I have not had one single bite – AND all my bite marks have healed.

Now I have no idea if this wonderful solution that works for me will be of any use to anyone else but surely it is worth a try, if you are one of those who are afflicted by the bites of this devilish creature.

Zingiber Cassumunar Balm is made from the plant of the same name, which is part of the ginger family. My research tells me it used for massages and even in food in Thailand. It is also know to help with fungal infections but at no point does it mention that it will keep the dreaded mosquito at bay.

All I can recommend is give it a try. You have nothing to lose!


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