Tiffy – Wonder Drug Of Thailand.

Now this is not what my blog is about but I feel that it is worthy of a mention because Tiffy is truly Thailand’s wonder drug.

Floored by man flu and constant pain in my left ear, I could not find alleviation from my blocked nose and earache.


As the night grew longer, I was becoming fatigued, unable to sleep and relief seemed a million miles away.
With sweat oozing from every pour, I tried ear drops and pain killers for my ear, Vicks Vapor Rub on my top lip, whilst utilising multiple inhalers to permit the hot air to pass up my nostrils – all to no avail.
Then I remembered a previous encounter with flu in Thailand and a simple drug known as Tiffy.
Did we still have some I wondered? Summoning what felt like my last breath, I walked to the medicine cupboard and there sat in the corner was the substance I required.
Two tablets were immediately consumed with a glass of cold water and within 20 minutes the symptoms began to ease. For the first time in five hours, my nose began to clear, running like Niagara Falls on a rainy day.
The ache in my ear also subsided. I could hear again.
Now I am the sort of person who, when suffering from pain or flu like symptoms, will take more than the recommended dosage. Within an hour of taking my first two tablets, I swiftly progressed to my second measure. This was enough to give me five hours sleep and perpetual bliss on a hot night.
My nose had given up its blockage, the sweats diminished and following an eight hour period of attempting to sleep, I finally nodded off into dreamland.
Tiffy is indeed a wonder drug.

Tiffy is no more than a Paracetamol based product but for some reason, it has amazing therapeutic powers that other products of the same ilk lack.

What finally interrupted my happiness was the electricity being turned off on the condo, resulting in me awakening drenched in sweat.

More Tiffy and I am capable of writing my dross again.

If in Thailand, this is all you need for aches, colds and flus. Keep in to hand.

Remember – Man Flu is real.



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