Thailand Macro So Far

I have to confess, I am surprised that in the hot and mainly dry conditions of Thailand or Pattaya to be precise, that there is scarcity of bugs and insects to photograph.


I was expecting to be terrified when night fell upon the three condos and many hotel rooms that I have dwelled in since arriving but this has been far from the case.

I believe this to be due to the excellent bug sprays that the residences apply around their buildings. Additionally, the pesticides that you can purchase here in supermarkets are incredibly potent and lethal to the small creatures that roam in the night.


For instance, one spray from a can of bug poison will have even the hardiest cockroach gasping its final breath in seconds. No need to chase the abominations around spraying constantly with the products you can purchase off the shelf in Thailand.


If that was not enough to ease your mind, the death to insects solutions appear to be long lasting, still defeating the beasties weeks after you placed the noxious contents of your can on the skirting boards or edges around the condo.

Ants are a real pest if left untreated. They can be found everywhere and some are known to inflict a nasty bite on us humans.


The other day I found a few hundred creeping under my door into the kitchen as they intended to scavenge for food. I sprayed them and they died instantly. I continued to decontaminate the area inside and outside in the corridor. Four days later, I am still discovering dead insects in the hallway. Powerful ingredients to alleviate the nuisances.


The same can be said of the cockroach. A hardy bastard and allegedly one of the few creatures that could survive a nuclear holocaust but they are no match for bug killers of Thailand.

Three times I have found the undesirable pests lying dead on their backs, in exactly the same spot I sprayed the initial beetle. So either I have extra strong pesticide or I have a deadly spider living in the vicinity. I pray it is the former.


Now although I truly despise the aforementioned ants and roaches, I actually love macro photography and with the help of a fellow farang, living in Thailand, I have enjoyed a walk with the camera into the woods and bushes in search of photographic material.


I am not opposed to insects, spiders or other small creepy crawlies providing they are not in my place of living.

I mean we all love ladybirds or ladybugs as some people refer to them as. No issues there at all.


I hold in high esteem, the dragonflies too. Incredibly photogenic creatures, often displaying a vast diversity of colours. In Thailand there are some huge variations of this flying beauty but are often too impulsive to capture on camera, unless they are feeding or reproducing.

The elusive grasshoppers and crickets are a delight to shoot with the camera, if you can find them.


There are many spiders here but again, I have yet to get a decent image of one but the quest will continue.

I am told of snakes and scorpions but as yet, I have not had the pleasure of meeting them face to face but I certainly have no desire to meet any of these inside my home.

We all love butterflies yeah? Again they are impetuous when approached. To snap them, you have to tread slowly and deliberately or they will simply take flight. There are some stunning moths here, some as large as your hand.


One creature that so far has eluded me, despite them living in abundance within the  condos and hotels, is the house gecko. A beautiful little creature but so nervous and rapid in its movement that I fear the only way to get a good shot, will be to capture one.


I walked with a Welsh chap known as Marty, who has lived here for a while now and has a wonderful array of pictures of insects and other wildlife. Many of the photos on display here were taken on a still, warm day near Rompho with him guiding me around forested areas.


However my favourite one was taken on one of my doors in my condo in the early hours of the morning. The long horn beetle was happy to sit there for an eternity, whilst I played around with the cameras settings and flashes to obtain the image above.

I had no idea what it was but thanks again to Marty, he identified it for me. However it is rare to be afforded the time I had with this adorable bug, unless of course they are deceased.

I hope to bring you many more of Thailand’s bug and wildlife once I have a greater knowledge of where to discover them.


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