Art In Paradise

This tourist attraction came to my attention whilst travelling on a Baht Bus a few months back but I never got around to visiting – Until today.


Situated at at the north end of Pattaya Sai Song Road or Pattaya Second Road to give it its English name, it is easily arrived at using the aforementioned Baht Bus or any other means of transport you care to partake. I used the Baht Bus from Jomtien, which cost me 20 Baht for a distance of seven kilometres. Not bad in anyone’s book.


Upon arriving at Art In Paradise, you will notice that there are two prices. One for foreigners and one for Thai people. For me it cost 400 Baht and for my girlfriend it was 200 Baht.

Now many people have a problem with this – I do not. What is wrong with a nation looking after its own people. I would love to see this policy applied to UK attractions but it will never happen, simply because of greed. So for me, credit to Thailand for taking care of your own first. This is common practice here, so be aware you are not being ripped off, they are simply doing what is right.


Next you will be asked to remove your shoes and leave them behind a desk, a bit like going bowling but you will walk the course of the museum in your bare feet or socks. This one baffles me but that is the rule, so off they came. Thankfully I do not have smelly feet!

So once in – what is it?


Opening in 2012, it is basically an interactive art museum, meaning there are huge paintings that you can be part of, using your camera to capture the moment.

Many of the images are in 3D, adding perspective to the drawings. The building is divided into a number of rooms, which have a theme. Underwater worlds, Dinosaurs, animals and optical illusions to name a few.


This building would be superb if you have kids with you or people with imagination to get the best out of the scenarios.

Nom did her best but she isn’t keen to have her photo taken, despite her beauty. She needs to have a few beers in her before the camera is welcome. Next time though, I will take her sister, who is completely the opposite and would love this venture.


There is no shortage of wall paintings to involve yourself with. Some of the art is spectacular and a joy to behold but you definitely require someone there to make the most of it, assuming you are behind the camera of course.


This is one place I will definitely visit again but as I said, a model will be found first.

My only complaint would be the tour does not last very long. If you went alone, you would be in and out in 20 minutes.


Take the kids, friends, posers or whoever and you could be in there for a couple of hours have a ball. The limitations are endless if you have someone who can express themselves and extend some imagination and creativity for the photographer.

Give it a go. You will enjoy it.

I have kept my first image till last. It was taken as I entered museum and for me it’s a classic.

This one is of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej and as you will no doubt observe, he is pictured holding a camera.

From what I have learned, he was given his first camera in 1934 and went on to enjoy photography throughout his long life.

I am not certain if there is anywhere you can view his work with the camera but surely this will follow soon as the people of Thailand would love to see what he created, as would I.


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