Pattaya At Night

Most of my images so far from Thailand have been taken during the daytime when half the city is asleep. By this I mean those who work in the entertainment industry.

This is of course is what the city is famous throughout the world for but is nothing like it is portrayed as. Yes of course there are bars where you can see pretty girls dancing naked and despite prostitution being illegal, you can pay girls to spend the night with you.


But you should be aware that the lady and you are entering a personal agreement not you and the bar you met her in. I will also point out that 99% of the girls are brilliant. They are normal human beings and in my opinion deserve a lot more respect that they receive. You will find a bad apple in any walk of life but be careful, act sensibly and respectfully and you will enjoy this wonderful city and its night time activities. Plus there are some awesome music venues, pool bars and restaurants to be found.

Girls flock here for work in the way that tourists come in their droves for fun. But unlike other countries, it is not as seedy because the ladies who work the bars here are doing so to provide food, schooling, medical care and clothes for their children or to send money home to their parents, who will live, more often than not, hundreds of miles away, usually looking after the girl’s babies.


It is a very different way of life from what us westerners are accustomed to.

I have deliberately avoided posting images of the workers from the touristy Walking Street or LK Metro because I see no need to do so. There are thousands of images available on the internet and websites that will provide you with all the information you require. Most are excellent and informative and worth reading before coming to Thailand.

My posting today is for photography purposes only.


The top image is taken from The Pattaya Beer Garden and features the Pattaya City sign. Unfortunately the “CITY” part was not illuminated for reasons unknown to me, I guess a fault in the wiring due to the heavy rainfall we have here during the wet season. But I still like it, with the reflections on the water adding interest to the photo.

The second one is of the same sign but taken from Bali Hai Pier, which is much closer to the point of interest. Again the lights are reflecting on the surface of the sea and the colours have changed as they do every few seconds.


Some evenings there is a laser show. I have yet to determine where it is coming from but various coloured beams of light shoot up into the night sky and would make a spectacular photograph. One for another evening I hope.

Sunsets. Something an old friend, who recently passed away, loved to capture, often along the beaches of Ayrshire or the mountains of Glencoe in Scotland. He introduced me to sunsets and as such I still make the odd attempt to snap them wherever possible. On this occasion I have to confess to cheating slightly. Although we were 30 minutes away from darkness, I forced the mood and lighting by altering the ISO and Shutter Speed of the camera to produce the effect of the sun going down. It also fabricated the silhouettes of those playing beach volleyball.


My next offering was taken at Jomtien Night Market, a stones throw from the volleyball players. Basically it is across the road. This was my first visit to the market, which is a small, compact offering with an abundance of stalls selling a diverse array of food and the normal clothes and touristy items. Well worth a visit if you are in the Jomtien area.

Back to Walking Street. I was heading from Bali Hai to the Pattaya Beer Garden for dinner, when I passed this youngster with her hula hoops, doing her act in the hope of visitors dropping 20 Baht into her tip box. Coming from the UK, I am wary when photographing children, so I asked Nom to check it was OK to do so.

Now it was not the girls looks nor her expertise with a hula hoop that was bringing in the tips. It was her adeptness for shouting out “I love you” to passers by who simply fell for her cuteness and in turn placed money in her tin.


I will end this post with an image, which was again taken from the Beer Garden. Whilst not having a tripod with me to make use of slow shutter speeds and thus avoiding camera shake, I utilised the wooden beams around the restaurant to rest the camera on to get this one. It features Seazone, which by all accounts is a wonderful seafood restaurant on Walking Street. This of course is to the rear of Walking Street. As you can see, it is a busy place.

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My next post will feature the wet season. Rain, rain and more rain.


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