First Shoot In The Rain

The main differences between the rain in the UK and that of Thailand is simple to explain. Whilst it would be easy to say the rain is warmer here, for it is, the real divergency is the atmospheric storms.

If thunder and lightning scare the pants of you, do not come to Thailand during the wet season. You know the storms are on their way when you hear a roar of thunder away in the distance. The wind will start to pick up before the calm, then all hell breaks loose.


The skies darken, the electrically charged heavens detonate sheets of lightning every few minutes or even seconds and thunder rumbles resoundingly, often when least expecting it, startling you. The noise is deafening at times and with the lightshow, it can be a truly sensational experience.

Then the rain falls. Within minutes the streets are flooded with three or four inches of water. The levels of deluge increase and before you know it, there can be a couple feet of rainwater on the roads, making life very difficult for the drivers.

29963923854_e21618c27e_k (1).jpg

Motorbikes will be stranded, dogs can be seen swimming in the middle of the road, oblivious to the cars, passing slowly around them. No doubt the canines are enjoying the coolness of the water and accepting the respite from the heat and humidity gleefully.

But life continues. Many vehicles here are 4x4s for this very reason. Traffic jams galore are founded around the city but people will get to their destinations eventually. Although I saw one video taken in Pattaya that featured a motorbike being carried away by the torrents of water, despite the best efforts of the driver and passersby attempts to thwart the process.


I adore the wet season. It is a spectacular time but I daresay that the business owners and motorbike taxi drivers, despise this time of year.

So on to the photos. Most were taken on Jomtien Beach or streets nearby. First up is a chap doing his utmost to maintain dry feet. He was doing rather well in my opinion, for I was beachside, knee deep in the mucky water to take this photo. No need for Wellington Boots or waders. Just get the sandals and shorts on. The water is warm at least.


Below this image, is a 4×4 taking workers home just as the rain commenced. They spotted me with the camera and I got the customary yells of “hey take our picture” as they passed by. Thai people in the main, appear to enjoy getting involved with my camera, which of course adds to the pleasure it brings me.

Back to Jomtien Beach and this poor gent has to take the rubbish out. To make matters worse, he has to cross the road to deposit his wastebin for collection. At this point, the water was a few inches deep but the road was fast filling up as the drains failed to cope with the mass of rain.


The next two were taken not far from my condo. The first is basically self explanatory but if you look closely at the second one featuring a red and white motorcycle and sidecar, the driver is sucking frantically on his cigarette.

Now I have witnessed some unusual sights on motorbikes; from dogs and cats riding in baskets on the front of the bike to four people including babies being transported around the city. Drivers smoking is not an odd sight by any means but how desperate are you to smoke in a downpour?

My final offering was taken as the storm began. This is the view from my balcony, overlooking the swimming pool and gym, with the latter featuring in this image. The skies have darkened as the clouds rolled in, the trees bending in the wind and the rain is lashing the roof of the circular gym.

I took this just before heading out in a 4×4 taxi to look for flooding and photos. Sadly I left it 30 minutes too late so most of the representation of stormy Thailand above, is actually the aftermath of this rainstorm. The flooding was beginning to subside, much to my annoyance.

Next time!





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