Luss For Life In Oban

Wednesday. A heat wave was predicted with glorious sunshine. Bring it on I thought.

Well that didn’t quite happen as expected for although the temperature was an unbearably humid 28 degrees, the skies were enveloped in cloud, trapping the heat but providing little in the way of sunshine and much needed light for photograph. This was not a day for landscape work but armed with my Nikon D750, I headed on 250 mile round trip which took in Luss, Glencoe, Oban, Inverary and return.


First stop to give the car’s air conditioning a rest was the loch side hamlet of Luss. Famed for it’s Take The High Road filming location, Luss rests on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. A haven for tourists and very picturesque given the correct lighting. Today was not one of those days, so I captured visiting youngsters jumping off the pier into the cold depths of the loch.

Splish Splash

It was great to watch young people having fun without causing havoc through alcohol, drugs or crime, which we see so much of in the towns these days.

Watching the fun

There was around 100 kids just taking the plunge into the water or enjoying a cold drink or ice cream. I have to say I was envious of them, wishing I could strip down to my boxers and run off the pier but alas, those days are long gone.

McCaig's Folly or Tower

Loch Lomond has a plethora of small boats as well as cruisers that adorn the water. On good days they make excellent photos but alas all I managed was these two chaps admiring the kids jumping off the pier. Maybe like me – they wanted to join them?

From Luss to Glencoe but I opted not to stop and instead headed to Oban. I have visited Oban a few times but never took in McCaig’s Tower. Designed and commissioned by John McCaig to provide employment for people during the winter months 1896/97, it resembles a Roman structure of some description and in fact my first thought was that it wasn’t unlike the Coliseum in Italy.

Inside the Tower

The monument offers excellent views of the town, harbour and Isle of Mull. I would however issue a warning. If walking up from the town, expect to be tested physically, for it is an incredibly strenuous steep climb, especially on a hot humid day.

The view

Although I travelled home via Inveraray, following a beautiful piece of sole at the Oban Fish and Chip shop, I never stopped. Next time, the light may be more favourable for photos.


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