Highlands Revisited

I haven’t been out at all this week since my return from the Mull of Galloway, so I will present a few more from my trip up north.

Ben Nevis

First up is Ben Nevis on the right with Aenoch Mòr in the centre, with the mountain range maintaining its share of snow even in June.

Ben NevisNext we have another view of Ben Nevis, this time take from the Mallaig road. Britain’s tallest mountain’s summit is hidden beneath the low lying cloud. A day where navigational skills may well be required!

The Jacobite

Whilst on the Mallaig road, I spent much of my time trying to stay ahead of the steam engine known as the Jacobite. Not a particular difficult task but lack of knowledge of where to obtain the best images proved to be my downfall at times. However, I did get a close up a few miles south of Mallaig.

Ailsa Craig is on my list this week if the weather clears and permits the boat to sail. Whether I land or travel around will depend on the views afforded on the day. All being well – I hope to visit the Isle of Bute and the town of Rothesay too.


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