Mull of Galloway

Despite dwelling in Stranraer for almost 12 years, I had never paid the Mull of Galloway a visit. I thought it was time to alter the situation and capture Scotland’s most southerly point and the iconic lighthouse.

The Lighthouse

The trip out is nothing spectacular, although you do pass through the quaint villages of Ardwell and Drummore and bypass Sandhead, which has a nice pub and picnic areas. If you are fortunate you may be afforded views of the Isle of Man on a clear day. The road after Drummore is narrow, with passing places. Cattle and sheep freely roam around the area too, so care should be taken.

Like most tourist spots, the challenge lies in capturing your image without the presence of cars and people, even in this remote area.

Was the wait worth it? Hmmm it is one that I can check off my bucket list and I am happy that I have achieved that. However it does not offer the scenic vistas of the highlands and islands.

RSPB Building

If you have a liking for birds, then this is a must visit attraction. Inside the old cottage pictured above, are feeds from cameras that offer live views of the nesting birds of the cliffs nearby. You can also walk around the many routes and see the avian population first hand.

Harbour at Isle of Whithorn

I left the Mull of Galloway with time to spare and drove along the coast to the village of the Isle of Whithorn. I am not sure why it is called an “isle” as it is very much part of the mainland. I stopped at the harbour but alas the tide was out, leaving me with a picture of small colourful boats, that looked lost without the surrounding water.

St. Ninian's Chapel

Further along the harbour I visited St. Ninian’s Chapel – a ruin from the 14th Century. Here I captured my favourite image of the day as the tenebrious sky above looked like it was about to deliver stormy weather yet, the yellow and green foreground remained very much part of the summer’s day.


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