South Of Scotland, Castles And Sweethearts

Having covered most of my planned route on the northern section of my tour of Scotland, I rested for a day at home before venturing south of the town of Dumfries to Caerlaverock Castle.

This is a gem of a castle situated seven miles from Dumfries.

Caerlaverock CastleIt is a triangular shape, surrounded by a moat, in the midst of lush countryside, making it a superb location for a picnic or for photographic purposes.

Once a stronghold for the Maxwell family from the 13th century and finally abandoned in 1640 following a siege by the English, the castle now relies on Historic Scotland to maintain it.

Caerlaverock Castle

Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

My next stop was New Abbey, a small hamlet that sits on the A710, across the opposite side of the River Nith from the aforementioned castle. However, you must travel back to Dumfries before making your way south again to arrive at New Abbey, which is eight miles from the town of Dumfries.

Sweetheart Abbey

My main reason for visiting the village was to capture Sweetheart Abbey, which is a beautiful ruined abbey within New Abbey and as much as I am delighted to have visited this historic remnant, it was the rustic surroundings of New Abbey that I really adored.

New Abbey

I waited for a fleeting minute or so until there was no traffic or people and set up the shot above. A timeless view of a delightful place, which also hosts a working mill as you enter the village from the north.

Threave Castle

Onward to Threave Castle on the outskirts of Castle Douglas. Now I have to confess I did not do my homework on this one and when I arrived I discovered there was a 15 minute walk from the car park to the castle, which you then have to get on a small boat to an island, where the castle rests.

Once I saw the location I considered waiting on the boat but decided I could get the shot I was seeking from the opposite banks of the River Dee.

Once my shots were taken, I opted for the circular but hillier route back to the car park. This is when I discovered they have an Osprey Watch with various hides and I am told otters can be found nearby too. Next time I may take a large zoom lens and chance my luck.

I hope to travel to the Mull of Galloway if the desired weather conditions are afforded to me tomorrow but if not, I will search for other locations within Ayrshire or Glasgow.


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