Tour Of The Highlands

Frustration took over my life for a while, so I decided I required a break from the day to day discord that I have endured lately. Armed with my trusty Nikon D750 and Tamron 28-70 lens, I packed my bags and set off north, initially to the east of Scotland, which was covered in an earlier post and then onto Inverness and beyond.

The Jacobite

Following a brief overnight stop in the city of Inverness, I headed towards Mallaig to observe awesome scenery and the Jacobite steam train that runs from Fort William to Mallaig. My goal was to reach the Glenfinnan Viaduct before the train but I was late and got the afternoon run instead in glorious sunshine. What a beautiful site this train is as it emanates smoke over this famous location.

I visited Mallaig for an hour and enjoyed a gorgeous roast beef roll and latte, albeit a rather expensive tasty bite I have to say. My wallet found itself £9.75 lighter before I headed to Glenfinnan. Upon arrival I walked the half mile or so with a plethora of tourists who appeared in the main to be German or Japanese. It was amazing how many tourists were walking around in flip flops but then again I have stood on the summit of Ben Nevis with idiots wearing the same footwear with shorts and T-shirt. The mind boggles!

I met an old gentleman from south of Glasgow who proved to be a well-informed man in regards to the train, ferries and general Scottish history. An hour later, armed with a wealth of knowledge, I left him sitting on a large rock and made my way up the steep path to the location I imagined would be my perfect shot of the Jacobite as it traversed the viaduct. I believe I chose wisely.

Eilean Donan Castle

I stayed at the splendid Invergarry Hotel after chancing my luck, walking in off the street at 20:00 to enquire about a room. Got the bargain of a lifetime, including breakfast and a wonderful dinner.

Up fresh as a daisy the following morning, I headed to Eilean Donan Castle. One of the most picturesque castles you will ever see. An idyllic setting that conjures up romantic views from a host of photographers. Above is my own take on the castle and although I am delighted with the image, I wish I had stayed longer and captured the castle with the tide in. However, I have an excuse now to return to this venue.

The Three Sisters

Homeward bound via Glencoe, which I reckon is the most beautiful place in Scotland. The photo above is from the roadside with the Three Sisters of Glencoe on the left. I have walked all the mountains on the west of the A82 at Glencoe, which from the summits, provides views to die for.

From Rannoch MoorOnce through Glencoe, I stopped at Rannoch Moor for shot that I have taken many times but every one is unique due to the lighting of this mysterious place.

I was tiring badly by now and knew I would have to drive down Loch Lomond side with my eyes closed or I would never get home. The loch is another fantastic place to visit, surrounded by the Arrochar Alps on the west and Ben More to the north and of course the iconic Ben Lomond to the east.

War Memorial

My final offering from my trip was taken a few miles east of Fort William. A war memorial that featured Ben Nevis in the background but alas the sun was in the wrong position during my stop but I like this photograph anyway.


4 thoughts on “Tour Of The Highlands

  1. Super pic of Glenfinnan. What day was it taken please? I was on the afternoon train on June 5th. Weather was super that afternoon after being ‘mixed’ in previous days and that morning too. Thanks

    • Richard – I think it was around the 9th. I stayed in Inverness following my east coast venues and from there I headed to Glenfinnan and Mallaig. I returned to Invergarry and spent the evening there before heading up to Eilean Donan in the morning. I updated the blog from the Invergarry Hotel the day of the Jacobite images. To be perfectly honest, I lost track of time and dates though.

      I hope to do some island hopping very soon 🙂

      Thanks for commenting

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