Fruity Times

Anyone that knows me well, is aware that I suffer from depression that has been getting progressively worse over the years. Photography is my method of releasing my inner self and controlling the demons within. The camera does not pose victorious on all occasions though, and the truth be told, it plays second fiddle to my illness for the majority of my life.


However when the medication is in full control, I am known for venturing out into the wild armed with a macro lens to capture insects or out admiring scenic views or taking people shots as they go about their daily routines, oblivious to my presence with my Nikon hardware.

More recently I decide to play around with indoor photography and Photoshop to produce the image above.

The banana photo is actually two images. One white background and one with the banana supported by a meat skewer and two cups. Then I simply erased the skewer once the images were merged to reveal the plain white background and finally cloned the area inside the banana where the skewer was. Remove the cups and the final product is that you see above.

There are a multitude of tricks that I plan to attempt using the same process, if and when my demons permit me the time to play!

On another totally different subject: Recompense for work undertaken is a sore point for me presently. I have a kind heart and will do anything to assist anyone, wherever possible. I trust people, especially strangers to the point that I am endangering my own safety or contents of my wallet. The latter is currently the issue.

Work carried out in good faith that promoted others so that they could reap financial gain, yet they fail to remunerate those who travelled far and wide, worked untold hours, all for the benefit of others.

The result is that I will trust no one again and demand payment up front for all work I do in the future.

Not everyone is as untrustworthy as this and I am happy to point out that others are actually very honest and reliable.

Rant over, I will survive and live another. Kiwi fruit or tomato next…….


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