The Sex Pissed Dolls

It was midway through 2014 that I first came across an all girl punk rock band called The Sex Pissed Dolls via a video on YouTube that featured the girls singing their version of “My Way”.

The Sex Pissed Dolls

Immediately I contacted them asking where I could see them play and if I could possibly take images at the gig. To my surprise they said “yes” once I submitted some of my work to the management. So I was Edinburgh bound, only to be disappointed when the gig was cancelled.

Fortunately the Dolls asked me to go to the Layton Institute in Blackpool to cover their sell out show, that would project them into the world of fame and attention they now enjoy.

I also requested that I take the girls into Studio 301 in Preston for a few hours in front of the camera – a few hours well spent I hasten to add; both for me and the band alike.

The girls have gone on to enjoy huge success and are followed by a massive fan base across the country with many of my images used as promotional pictures on posters, billboards and social media sites for venues such as the O2 in many cities.

To say I am proud to be associated with these girls would be an understatement. I also take into account the many support acts that I photographed, a few of which are surely going to make the big time. Death to Indie, The Atmospherics and Esperanza to name a few.

Everyone has their own favourite Doll but I find it impossible to select one girl that I would say was my treasured Doll, for they are all special in their own enigmatic way.

Kitty Vacant

For instance Kitty Vacant, one of the two guitarists; to say she is gorgeous would be too simplistic in my description of her and would not do the girl justice. Kitty is beauty personified and of course the newest member of the band. The baby of the group, she provides not just eye candy but a fuller sound that the group had not previously enjoyed.

Jilly Idol
Next up is Jilly Idol. A mother, wife, homemaker and a bass player with an awesome stage presences. She seems to strut around the stage like she hasn’t a care in the world. Now I won’t reveal what age Jilly is but I can assure you – you would call me a liar! 

I – like many other Dolls’ fans believe that she has the best legs in the business. Who would argue with that eh?

Jilly was the first Doll I met and is so unbelievably friendly towards the fans after gigs. Watch out for those legs in images later from the gigs. Her husband Nige is a very lucky man indeed 😉

Connie Rotter

Connie Rotter. What can I say? My first impression when I saw her in Blackpool was that she was too shy to be lead guitarist of a punk band but this girl has come on leaps and bounds and now many eyes are on her when she is rocking it up.

Her iconic black leather trousers are renowned around the UK circuit and she is often photographed with her long blonde hair swishing from side to side.

Additionally she is a young beautiful and talented guitarist, so it is not hard to see why she is many people’s favourite Doll.

Anna Key

The engine room that is known as Anna Key. This delightful creature is one hell of a drummer and is very photogenic to boot. A tireless performer who if often missed by the fans because like most drummers, she is situated at the back out of the way. However, I always make a point of capturing Anna by obtaining permission to get on stage and get some close ups of the banging superstar of percussion.

Oh and she plays in her SOCKS 🙂

Nancy Doll

Finally the Freddie Mercury of the band. The incredible entertainer that is Nancy Doll. Every band needs a leader, someone who can entertain and capture the attention of the audience. If there is a better woman in this field of expertise, I have yet to see her.

There are no gimmicks to promote her stage presence. Nancy is an artist that gets up close and personal to the crowd and invokes a response in any way she possibly can. Armed with stunning looks, a powerful voice and movements that leave the audience begging for more – she is a true Doll.

The above is perfectly true concerning all of the Dolls but I would still hesitate to pick my favourite, for they are all great entertainers in their own right but as a group, there are few that can put on a show like the Sex Pissed Dolls can.

If you haven’t seen them – get out there and find a gig now.


2 thoughts on “The Sex Pissed Dolls

  1. i saw them at the ruby lounge manchester last night. i will post some great vids. id say Jilly Idol is about 40 but dont look itatfirst glance

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