Stephanie Dubois

I contacted Steph, a Warrington lass, following an advert on one of the Facebook modelling pages. She was coming to Scotland and looking for photographers to work with and I quickly responded positively.

Steph looking frightened

We agreed that the Studio would be The Kirky Studio near Glasgow and off we went to see what we could come up with.

She is an experienced model and required little in the way of guidance and was in fact a joy to work with. Always professional, brought a huge wardrobe to choose from, which included wigs etc.

The image at the top is one I particularly like as I think she gives the impression of her cowering in the dark. Works for me anyway đŸ˜‰


My second choice is a full length shot of Steph, who is donning a rather fetching see-through outfit with the aforementioned wig to complement her garb. It’s slightly saucier than the previous shot and why not?

black and white

Next is a black and white shot with the model dressed in a small leather jacket.

One thing I loved about Stephanie, was her hair. Not with the wig but her own short and sort of wind blown look.


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