New Talented Models

Back in August 2014, I had the privilege of working with two wonderfully talented girls for the first time. More studio shoots would follow, resulting in some awesome images that I am extremely proud of.

The girls can only be described as beautiful but completely mad. These two attributes complemented the girls in a way I have never witnessed before.


The models on that day were Emma and Amanda of Kilmarnock and Glasgow respectively.

I had met Emma a few weeks previous to this shoot, whilst rather inebriated in a local bar in Kilmarnock. She stood out from the crowd mainly due to her crazy hair and colourful tattoos.

Concerned that I might never see her again, I decided against my better judgement to ask her to model for me. Despite my lack of sobriety, she said “yes” and a few days later, we undertook a test shoot in a wooded area at the edge of town.

Later in the month, we were studio bound with another unknown model, Amanda from Glasgow. Amanda came highly recommended and it was not difficult to understand why once we met.

Emma is pictured with a dress she designed herself and looks like a timid little girl but wait till you see her when she comes out of her shell in later posts.

Amanda arrived at the studio looking absolutely stunning even in a pair of denim jeans and casual top. What I didn’t realise, was that not only was she drop dead gorgeous, she had a very outgoing personality that shone throughout the evening and brought the best out of the equally dazzling Emma.

She had so much presence about her that I was reluctant to take the camera off her, for there was no telling what she would do next. This girl could strike a pose at any time and was forever making us fall about in hysterics from her antics.Amanda

What a joy these girls were to work with; so much so, that a hastily arranged second shoot was arranged.

The image of Amanda above depicts her personality. I cannot recall what was making her laugh at the time for there were so many funny situations that occurred on the night.


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