More From The Kirky Studio

Armed with my Nikon D610, I ventured back into The Kirky Studio in Kirkintilloch with owner Paul Monaghan behind the scenes organising the lighting and backdrops. I think I would be appropriate to give the studio a shout out, as I am using it more often than not these days or at least till I can afford my own studio set up.

Any photographer looking for a good studio on a budget should give this one a go. Click here to view. Paul tells me the cheque is the post. Oddly enough that seems to be the story of my life at times 😉

OK on to the images. I will start with the near perfect Amanda.


Isn’t she lovely? Looking for a fantastic model – give her a go. A joy to work with.

Now previously I mentioned another stunning model called Emma who was at the time, yet to come out of her shell. However she was hiding some sordid secrets and desires to thrill and shock.

Emma came up with the idea for the next picture – a complete move away from the earlier rockabilly girls. She supplied the outfit and makeup, leaving me to provide a steak and camera and the result in my opinion is class.

Blood and Gore

What do you think?

As if this wasn’t enough for one night in the studio, another less made an appearance – Michelle from Glasgow, who has legs that never seem to stop. The comments I received about those pins is endless and justifiably so. You can see for yourself below.

Michelle again is very easy to work with and we had a lot of fun on the night. This is a girl I would welcome along any time.


Another lass was present but I will save her mentions for later. Watch this space Kyra.

Finally I will conclude this post with a wonderful shot of Amanda. Enjoy folks.

Amanda Legs


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