Ainsley Hunter – A Girl With Attitude

I advertised for a girl with something different to offer the world of photography. Ideally I wanted someone with noticeable features such as bright red hair or tattoos and piercings. My commercial produced Ainsley Hunter of Ayr.


Ainsley appeared shy and introverted when we first met in Alloway, birthplace of Scotland’s Bard Robert Burns but she was far from shy once the nerves settled down.

The image to the left, shows Ainsley posing at the grave of Robert Burns’ Father William.

Ainsley continued to produce pose after pose as we traversed the old Ayr to Girvan railway line; now a public path for all to enjoy.

Alas the girl with the hair and wonderful sense of humour moved down south for work and I have yet to secure a studio shoot with her. I am hopeful that this will occur sometime in the future so that I can bring her sense of fun and perspective to a location with controlled lighting and setting.


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