A Family Shoot

Meet my favourite family. Due to the ages of the children I think it best that I do not mention their names but who requires names when you have superstar looks?

Brother and Sister

Their mum Ashley is a top class model and it is clear to see that the kids will follow suit.

On the left we see the youngsters posing away like it is second nature to them and it is!

I had worked with Ashley at EMP Studio in Glasgow a year or so previously then by chance I bumped into the whole family whilst doing some street work in Glasgow.

Once I met her offspring I quickly requested their presence at the Kirky Studio as soon as possible. Their parents swiftly agreed and the shoot was on.

Sadly the youngest and possibly cutest was rather tired and didn’t participate in the studio but at two years old we have to make allowances – till next time of course.

It is not difficult to realise where the kids get their good looks from when you see Mum below.

I would predict a long modelling career for these two, if they are managed correctly.

Oh – and I agreed with Ashley that I could take the kids into the studio every year. Ashley – I feel that we should just do it now…..



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