Winter Football Is Awful

Today I covered my first football match of 2014 in the rain, cold and wind resulting in yours truly being numbed to the bone!

As a result I have ordered a pair of photographer’s gloves to ensure my fingers never suffer at the hands of the weather again.


With women’s football, which is played in summer time, the rain is warmer and slightly more acceptable to one’s digits.

Anyway, before a ball was kicked I spotted the chap above, doing his utmost to light a cigarette whilst the rain and wind howled around him. It took him a number of attempts but he finally lit his cancer stick and puffed away happily.

Cold and wet

My next one is also not football related but was taken from behind the chap who was doing the video of the match. He was cold too I have to add but at least he had gloves on!

Now I cannot display any of the action shots from today as I am hoping to sell some over the next week or so, however I Eh Where Did It Go?will include the last one for this entry, which consists of a player from each side. The expressions on their faces as they both wonder how the ball got past them.

The match itself took place in Ayr and featured Ayr Boswell and Milton BC, who had travelled down from Stirling for this Scottish Cup tie. The home side ran out 3 – 1 victors despite missing a second half penalty.

A fair result I would say for Boswell took their chances when presented with them, whereas the Stirling side were less resourceful in front of goal.

Nevertheless, it was an entertaining match, played fairly and in good spirits. An easy day for the referee!

Tomorrow I may take in a ladies match if the weather isn’t too bad. If not I will have to discover something else to occupy myself.


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