Glasgow Night Shoot

It was a very cold evening in Glasgow as we parked up by the Science Centre, with the view of capturing the Armadillo and new Hydro Arena after dark. Both are beautiful buildings once darkness falls and can produce some rewarding results. Alas I was far from happy with the majority of the images taken and only three made the final cut.

Concert Halls

The first is taken from the south side with the older majestic Armadillo displaying its luminous green colour. The new Hydrop in blue and in my opinion comes a poor second, if beauty is what one judges the buildings on. Maybe I prefer green over blue.

Squint Bridge

The next view is of the Squinty Bridge or to give it is proper appellation “The Glasgow Arc.” The Arc is the first bridge carrying vehicles to be built over the River Clyde since the Kingston Bridge opened in 1970. Glasgow must have been gridlocked before the Kingston came into use!

Most of my failed images were user error in that I did not check the settings on my new Nikon D610 which was set to use cropped mode. It took me a good hour before I realised what the problem was. Once resolved, I continued my peripatetic tour of the Clyde, crossing over at the BBC Scotland building to make use of the surrounding area. The image of the Squinty Bridge was taken from the nearby foot bridge.

The Arc

I set up on the north side next to the footpath. The idea was to use the barrier to lead the eye down to the Arc and capture the reflections on the water. However I was presented with an unexpected opportunity to capture a light trail, when a cyclist headed towards me with a single beam of white light.

The result is pretty awesome as at no point does the cyclist show in the image due to the long shutter speed.

All the images above are more or less straight out the camera with very little editing applied other than cropping and a bit of saturation manipulation.

So with only the three pictures from a couple of hours in the cold making the cut, I guess another visit is called upon in the near future.


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