Two Sunny Days On The Trot…..

Well that is a first for 2014. No rain for two days but don’t get too excited as snow, sleet and rain are on their way to Ayrshire tomorrow.

Lovely girl

Carrying on from yesterday with the Candid work, I love the one above. In particular the girl with the furry hood, who strutted about like a model, full of confidence and oozing sex appeal. How could I refuse this shot?

Old bikes

Next we have an image that captured my attention especially the irony involved with the advertiser. This chap must have a wonderful sense of humour, advertising bicycle repairs on ramshackle bikes and has the nerve to chain them up! I am not sure how much business is forthcoming from this advert but I guess it must work. Satire at its best.

Homeless man

And finally today, one old timer down on his luck, who happily agreed to be photographed in return for a donation or two. He may be homeless and destitute but he was a charming individual and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.


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