Candid Camera

One of my favourite topics to capture on my camera is candid photography – the art of catching people who are unaware of your presence. If that fails, just ask them or take the picture anyway!

I have been ill for a couple of months so haven’t been out much but thanks to a good friend who encouraged me to venture out into the great outdoors or in this case, the streets of Glasgow armed with my Nikon D610. So what did I capture?


Well firstly I commenced with the camera on a tripod and a slow shutter speed so that the shop and my friend were in focus but those passing by gave the impression of movement, hence the blurry pedestrians.

Old Lady

Next it was an elderly lady who didn’t speak a word of English. She was begging on a street corner and her antics at times were hilarious. She had one of those “lived in” faces that photographers crave but rarely capture. I would have loved to have taken her into a studio and got some decent lighting on her face for she would have made a brilliant portrait.


Ever wonder what happened to Slade’s Noddy Holder? I thought I had found him busking in Argyle Street. Here was a man singing 70s classics and to be fair, he was actually pretty good. Again he had character not only in his voice but in his style of dress and hair.

Finally – a homeless girl, whom despite sitting on the cold pavement, managed a smile for us and a lovely smile at that. My favourite one from the day.



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