The World of Macro

One of favourite pastimes in the summer months is macro photography. I love nothing more than sneaking around a garden or woodland area seeking out insects or other items that are suited to close up photography. It takes a lot of patience and trial and error to achieve good results but with some effort, the rewards are special.

Hairy One

The most common objects are flies. Easy to find, often happy to sit and pose providing you do not make any sudden movement and often they will return to the same spot if disturbed.

What fascinates me is the colours, the hairs and those eyes, all of which are unseen by the naked eye. With a macro lens you get to see the beasts at work, eating their pray or regurgitating their food. Mating is another activity which is easily captured in the insect world but I will leave that for another day.

Water droplets

Greenhouses and gardens are a wonderful source of topics to capture with a macro lens. Now I am not going to pretend I know anything about botany and try to identify the flower above, which was captured at a gardening centre just after the gardeners had watered it. Again, the water droplets would probably go unnoticed by most people but armed with a camera, you tend to observe the world with a different perspective.


My Mother’s back garden has often proven a superb place to capture hoverflies.  I adore these creatures and they can be found in abundance in Scotland. Completely harmless and fun to try and capture, this is one of my favourite subjects.


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