When Outings Do Not Go As Planned

I decided to take the dog a walk along Portencross near the village of Seamill on the Ayrshire coast. The plan was to capture the Castle there but weather conditions were very much against me.

Duke Playing Fetch

So I returned along the route to Irvine and took a few shots of my pup playing fetch with a new ball purchased recently. Normally I just kick the ball and it shoots off at great velocity whereupon Duke dashes after it, brings it back and seeks praise for doing so. What could go wrong? Well the ball in question is almost indestructible and when kicked, it produces a fair amount of pain in one’s toes! I thought one of my foot digits had been broken or severely bruised. Thankfully the pain subsided and I resorted to throwing the damned ball.

So I didn’t return with a decent photo of the castle but I will include this black and white one and some information on the building.

Portencross Castle

The castle dates from the 14th century and once played host to Robert the Bruce. It was occupied until 1739 until the roof was blown off during a violent storm. You would have thought they would have repaired it eh?

So not the best of days with the camera so I will leave with one more of Duke.



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