Events Can Be Stressful And Fun

My love of photography covers a variety of subjects but as I strive to enter the world of financial gain, weddings and corporate events come to the forefront of my repertoire.

These events can be nerve wracking as you must get the shoot right on the day. There are no second chances here! For that reason, I tend to take two cameras and a second photographer to back me up.

Lynn's Wedding

My last wedding went very well indeed and the happy couple were pleased with their results and price. The weather conditions were not fantastic with the rain never far away, resulting in mediocre light but we persevered regardless.

I love candid pictures, so the opportunity to capture the moment when people are unaware of your presence can deliver some pleasing results – even at weddings. Take the image below which features the Groom’s Father perusing the dinner menu. He is completely oblivious to me being behind him and the image sells itself I feel.

Dinner Menu

Birthday parties are another challenging event. Upon arrival, no one wants their photo taken but once the demon drink starts flowing – well that puts a new perspective into things! I arrive early for my shoots to give me the chance to find vantage points or suitable locations where I can take the photos in relative peace before venturing out amongst the guests as they begin to loosen up.

21st Bash

This particular 21st bash had a theme. Everyone had to wear white, which made me stand out like a sore thumb! The other noticeable item was that many of the guests at this one were models and thus it resulted in a competition to see who could look their best. The one above could be the latest boy band on X-Factor šŸ™‚


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