Insomniacs Dross

Having been a sufferer of depression for many years, it doesn’t take much to knock me for six. I can find myself in many dark places wondering if there will be an escape route this time or if on this occasion, I will fail to beat the misery and forlornness of my intense gloomy abyss.

One of the characteristics of depression is insomnia, a condition that I frequently experience often lasting for weeks on end. However, the previous six weeks leading up to this posting have been the worst I have ever endured.

So what can you do when you cannot drop off into slumberland? Well you can make use of the time and write dross on your blog!

So I did……

Ailsa Craig at Sunset

My first image on this fine dark, damp sleepless morning is one snapped from Lendalfoot just south of Girvan on the west coast of Scotland. It features one of Scotland’s iconic rocks the Ailsa Craig at sunset on a summer’s evening.

The rock has a notable history from its formation as a plug for an extinct volcano. It has been a haven for Catholics during the Scottish Reformation. It has a castle built in the 1500s by the Hamilton family and was used as a prison during the 18th and 19th centuries. For over 100 years the island produced most of the granite that is used for curlings stones, many of which are still in use today.

Often called Paddy’s Milestone, it is now used as a bird sanctuary playing host to gannets and puffins.

My next offering is another sunset, this time from Troon further up the coast to the north.

Sunset from Troon

I like this one because of it’s dramatic sky, the variable ever fluctuation clouds and mixture fiery reds and oranges. To the left on the horizon is the north end of the Isle of Arran, sadly the mountains are not a feature of this image. One for another evening perhaps.

Finally I have included one, like the others is from the summer of 2013 but this time from the heart of Glencoe. A short hike up the path towards the area known as the Devil’s Staircase, veering off to the right to find a spot to capture the Buachaille Etive Mor and Beag mountains.

Glencoe Silhouette

However the opportunity to capture this silhouette of another photographer who was positioned on higher ground arose resulting in this photo above. This one is special to me as the person silhouetted was once very close to me and we shared some wonderful times with our cameras.


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